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All about your dog


Dragging or knuckling paws
Nerve damage
Hip dysplasia
Spinal Stroke (FCO)
Traumatic injury

Missing paws
Birth defects, traumatic injury

Padded boots
Missing paw pads

Price for 2 boots
£35-47 US$38-50

(both will fit the same paw if needed)
Single boots available

Prices includes postage worldwide

Returns policy

How to Size Your Dog

Dragging paws or Arthritis

Draw round your dog's paw on a piece of paper
No weight on the paw
Measure straight across at widest and longest point

Missing paws

Circumference of stump at the end
Distance from stump to next joint up the leg

Breathable fabric

Adjustable strap position

Custom Design includes
(depending on needs)

Double-sided leather protection
Foam Padding
Long length