What sort of dog boots do I need for my dog?

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Prices Per Pair (2 boots) in £Sterling
Price includes packing and post by first class airmail

Sizes may be mixed (please note discounts below)
  £Sterling £Sterling £Sterling
0 21.00 N/A 29.50
1 25.00 35.00 32.50
2 25.00 35.00 32.50
3 29.00 37.00 35.50
4 29.00 37.00 35.50
5 31.00 41.50 37.50
6 31.00 41.50 37.50
7 35.00 47.50 41.00
8 35.00 47.50 41.00
9   52.00  
10   52.00  
Leg Protectors/Supports 29.50
Joint Supports 41.00
Elbow Protectors 41.00

Dog Beds

Small 75 cm x 45 cm (29 x 17 inches) Terrier and Toy Breeds
Medium 95 cm x 75 cm (37 x 29 inches) Border Collie/Labrador
Large 150 cm x 95 cm (59 x 37 inches) Great Dane/Newfoundland



1 pair boots standard price
2 or 3 pairs boots save 6% a pair
4 to 9 pairs boots save 12% a pair
10 or more pairs of boots save 18% a pair

Discounts will be applied when your order is processed.
Your written invoice and credit card statement will reflect the appropriate discount

Terms and Conditions

Refunds or exchanges are made on any boots returned to us in a new condition within 28 days of despatch
Refunds exclude our postage cost (€3.30 for one pair €4.50 for two pairs)

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