Action Dogs

Hunting Labrador - Nevada, USA

His owner writes:

The problem

As others have stated I tried every dog boot manufacturer I could find. All the brands you see in the big outdoor stores. And nothing worked! Every boot I tried would either fall off at some point in the hunt, usually early in the hunt which drastically shortened that hunt because my dog won’t stop until his paws are bleeding. And not just a little blood, he will do damage to the point where I had to carried this dog back to the truck once. I tried putting tape around his legs to help keep the boots on; I have tried taping the boot straps down hoping that would help; I put them on so tight that it would cause him to bleed where the boot straps were; and if they stayed on by some miracle, we would have to cross a small crick or muddy marshy water hole. So as soon as his paws got wet he was going to lose a boot for sure soon after. I took to hunting with a spare pair of boots for him and 3 rolls of Medical tape just to be able to keep hunting.

The Proactive Paws Solution

So when I found these boots on the Web. and people were saying it worked for them I thought what the heck, I have nothing to lose. Nothing else has worked. I was a bit skeptical because it’s extremely rugged where I hunt. Not that I’m tougher than you all but, hunting is hunting, some spots are rough some not.l I am purely trying to explain the terrain.

These boots have been thru mud, water, rough rock. They are not loud, they stand up to the rough terrain, water isn’t a problem and I don’t lose a boot. (I used to spend so much time watching his paws to make sure he had all 4 boots on, and try keep my eyes out for the birds we were after at the same time, so frustrating.) It did take a bit to figure out how to strap them in the correct spot and the correct way. Oh and Elizabeth sewed an extra strip of leather up the back leg boots to protect him and I have watched that leather protect him several times. Thank you so much! I knew someone could figure it out.


Tremor, Pointer - New Hampshire, USA
His owner writes: They seem to fit very well and I am very happy with them (I think Tremor is happy too!!). Finally I have dog boots that stay on Tremor’s feet through all conditions. I have tested them on ice covered ground, pavement and just this weekend in deep powder snow. I have had no problems. I did have some snow build up between his leg and boot on his hind leg boots but I think this will remedied if I attach the second strap up higher on his leg.


Hunting Dog - Washington - USA
His owner writes Received the boots and they fit and worked great. Really were needed after 1-2 days on ice crusted snow, which really files off the underside of the dogs nails and the webbing of the paws.

Working Springer - Monmouthshire - UK

Her owner writes: I meant to contact you earlier to say how delighted I am with your boots. They are fantastic! Even on my busy little working springer bitch, your boots remain resolutely in situ, much to the admiration of my fellow working gun dog friends. I suspect some further orders will be coming your way on this basis alone, so impressed are we.

I certainly would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your boots to any dog owner & rave about you & your product at every opportunity.


Protection for Active Dogs
Selected for use by Police Dog Handlers at the G8 Summit 2005

(apologies for quality of photos which were taken from a newspaper article in the Sunday Telegraph)


Gigi - Colorado, USA

Gig hunts with her owner John in Colorado. John writes

Yes, the boots got here in fine shape and have already been put to work. I'm attaching another shot of Gigi modeling them. They were a real gift last weekend as the snow had a hard frozen crust which is very rough on unprotected paws..

Two Huntings Dogs - Washington - USA

Thuy owns two hunting dogs. He writes: These boots work perfectly and they stay on the dogs too. That's a GREAT plus. The other great thing about the boots are that the dogs adjusted to them rather quickly. Not too much bulk that would make the dogs not want to wear

They've ran in them, went through mud, rain, grass and to my surprise, the boots are still on. I haven't tried them out on the sticker bushes yet.
I'll see how that goes soon.


Mia - Rottweiler/Terrier/Shepard - New Mexico, USA

Carla writes

The boots did arrive and they are wonderful! They stay on during our girls' most active times! Thank you so much for such a quality product.


Phoenix - Golden Retriever - Assistance Dog, British Columbia, Canada

Phoenix helps Bonnie Sawatzky, his disabled owner. Bonnie writes.' I am in a wheelchari and my dog pulls me. He loves running, so we go for runs as he pulls me at 25 km/hr for 3-5 kms. He has had several blisters and cuts.'

After receiving the boots, Bonnie wrote: 'Phoenix loves his boots. He runs faster than ever and he lies very still for me to put him on.


Schutzhund - South Africa

Sue King's dog has sensitive feet.

Sue King writes: "I have used the boots and they are fantastic!!! They have made such a difference to my dog, both in obedience and protection, it is unbelieveable. It just goes to show how much the rough stoney ground was affecting his performance. They stay on well even in protection work. Everyone at the Schutzhund Club is very imrpessed. They just laugh about the noise he makes when working."

"Thank you very much for not only an excellent product but also outstanding service."


Australian Shepherd, Connecticut, USA

This agility dog tore his claw badly.

Sally King writes: "The boots arrived today and I just tested them fully with my aussie - it's snowing out, there's quite a bit of crusty snow already on the ground, and I threw his frisbee for him for about 45 minutes. Both he and the boots survived intact and in good shape! Like I thought they would, once I adjusted them properly, they stayed on without a problem and protected his ripped toenail. I'd highly recommend them to anyone with very active dogs that need a rugged boot that will stand up to a lot of abuse. I have tried other dog boots, and he shredded them after only a few wearings - they're not built for an active aussie like mine that practically does cartwheels when he's catching a frisbee!

Thanks again for all your help and a great product. I'm going to show them to my local pet store - they have several brands of boots but none are as good as yours.


Snap, a Collie - Camberley, Surrey, UK

Snap (Woodsorrel May King, handled by Bill Chuter) is a Senior Agility Dog and qualified for the Cruft's team final in 1999.

Angela Chuter, Snap's owner writes: "Having had a dog with a sore paw that required protection, I realized that I needed to have something immediately to hand for emergencies and decided to purchase the Pro-Active Paws dog boots.

Within a few weeks of having the boots, Snap, one of our collies, tore a large hole in his side, we think he did this running through woodland and probably gouged himself on a low branch or something. The wound needed 9 stitches and as it was located just behind his shoulder he could reach it nicely with his back foot for a good scratch. Not ideal when you want to keep the stitches in! I put one of the dog boots on his back foot so when he did scratch he didn't damage the wound. This worked well, the boot stayed on and he ignored it, so must have found it comfortable.

So, another success story for dog boots, not only will they protect the paw, but they will also protect the dog from his paws!"