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Cat with dragging paw - UK
The cat's owner writes: The boots arrived safely thanks. As they were for a cat and the leg was in a funny position due to the operation, she walks on the side of the suede but this does a great job of protecting the hole that she had worn in the joint. It doesn't get wet any more and is fantastic. When I contacted you I was almost at the point of having the leg amputated as I couldn't deal with the wound anymore. Everything I used either came off or made the paw wet and I was worried the flesh was starting to rot.

The boot doesn't bother her in the slightest - she actually uses the suede part to wash herself with. I just wish I had found you a year ago as she would not have worn the hole in the joint then

Once she had the boot on for 2 days it started to heal and we are amazed at how it is progressing. Apparently this operation that she had is the only alternative to amputation for cats and dogs with nerve damage to stop the leg dragging but a lot of them learn to throw the leg to walk on the joint. This boot seems to be perfect for this as anyone would have the same problems I had. Before I contacted you I had to have rotting flesh removed and spoke to my vet about amputation. She now leads a perfectly normal life and I don't have to dread her coming in to see what state it is in. She still climbs trees and goes in and out through my upstairs bedroom window.


Tamsin, Goat - Oxfordshire, UK

Jonathan, Tamsin's owner wrote to us when the boots arrived:

"Wonderful wonderful wonderful, fits my poorly goat brilliant.thanks everso much these will definately aid her broken leg."