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Special Needs and Uses

Special Needs

Pro-Active Paws will also make boots for dogs with special needs. If your dog has special needs please contact us to discuss them, and we will make up a boot to suit your dog.

We have already made boots to help dogs with the following disabilities:

Dogs Without Paws
Comments from Dog Owners
These boots are designed to protect the stump of the dog's leg and enable the dog to make some use of the limb.
Dogs Which Drag Their Paws
Comments from Dog Owners
Abrasions resulting from dragging paws are alleviated by a 'double-sided' type boot with a leather pad on both sides. The boot can be used both ways round so that its life is extended.
Dogs Which Drag Their Claws
Claws will bleed and be rubbed raw from ground contact. This is alleviated by boots with a specially extended toe-cap.
Dogs Which Have weak knees or hocks
Comments from Owners
Weak joints owing to loose ligaments/arthritis can be helped by our leg supports


Pro-Active Paws regular boots are used by our customers for a variety of reasons. Some are given below.

Grass Seed Injury Comments from Dog Owners
Grass seeds can lodge in your dog's feet and from there progress throughout your dog's body, causing considerable harm and cost for operations to remove them. These dog boots will help prevent the seeds from entering your dog's feet and legs.
Hot Pavements  
Just as when we walk barefoot on hot sand, dogs can find hot pavements burn their paws. Our boots will act like shoes to prevent the burning, whilst your dog still retains full range of movement, agility and speed.
Frost, Salt and Snow Comments from Dog Owners
Treated roads and pavements can play havoc with your dog's paws. Our boots will protect your dog's feet from the salt and chemical treatment used on snow and ice. Additionally they will prevent ice balls forming on long-haired dog's paws.
Protection for Injuries Comments from Dog Owners
Our boots will keep bandages clean and virtually dry. They will also protect recently healed injuries once the dog starts exercise again.
Swimming Comments from Dog Owners
We make special boots for dogs that do a lot of swimming. Because the swimming softens their pads and claws, some dogs suffer from wear and bleeding on their feet. These boots are made 'ankle' length to keep drag to a minimum and are also deliberately not fully waterproof, since the water can then escape as necessary.
Padded Boots Comments from Dog Owners
Padded boots are made for certain types of injuries, this helps to cushion the dog's foot against the ground
Dogs That Can't Stop Scratching Comments from Dog Owners
Dogs with allergies or injuries to other parts of their body will often scratch with their hind legs. Boots will help minimize the damage done to themselves by keeping the claws from contact with the dog
Hospital Visits Comments from Dog Owners
To become part of the "Certified Pet Therapists" by the Humane Society dogs have to go through extensive testing and part of the test was if they scratch people when they shake paws.