Disabled Dogs Without Paws

Marley - California, USA

Marley has a missing hind paw

Marley's owner writes:

As you can see from the photo, Marley's expression seems to express his approval of the new look.

This old guy has a new spring in his step - just in time for his 14th birthday! We are both very appreciative.


Murphy - Sussex, UK

Murphy has a missing front paw and wears a prosthesis boot to extend the length of his leg (thus compensating for the missing paw) with a waterproof boot over the top to keep the whole lot dry.

Cheryl, Murphy's owner writes

Thank you for email and test boot - we have used this for four days now. He does seem to be better with it, and on his walks he certainly runs better than with the other type of boot. It is a bit of a fiddle getting it on but we are getting better at it! At the moment Murphy seems reluctant to put his weight on the leg , except when running but I am hopeful this will adjust in time but so far it does seem to be working! Many thanks again for your wonderful help and advice Cheryl


Heather - New South Wales, Australia

Heather is using a dog boot to protect her missing paw.

Vanessa, Heather's rescuer writes. As an RSPCA member, I was at the pound looking for potential candidates for rehoming and spotted Heather. It was Heather's last day at the pound. Euthanasia was just around the corner. She had a disability - half her hind left paw was missing. However her friendly nature made her an excellent candidate for rehoming. As her foster mother, I wanted to encourage her to walk in a more normal fashion. (She walks with her stump off the ground most of the time and hops along on her other hind leg). I used the net to find Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots and was pleased to find an easy solution to Heather's problem. The fact that I was in Australia and they were in Ireland was no barrier. Heather is now proudly wearing her boots, putting her disabled paw on the ground more, swimming in the river and running wild with my other dogs. A big thank you for making my dreams for Heather a reality.

Jake - Greyhound - Cumbria, UK

John his owner writes:

Things seem well when he has the boot on. As you can see on the photos of his feet, his left back foot is nearly a quarter of his right one. Jake is really doing well thanks to the boot. I had all three off the lead tonight and Jake was not in a photographic mood but at the end of the walk he decided to have a gallop about, and he seemed really happy trying to catch my other Greyhound. Smiley dog but no photo I'm afraid !!.

It really has made a difference, in fact more than I would have thought. We have to be very careful putting the boot on due to his toenail being at right angles, but that is not a problem. It is that good a fit once on, that I think he does not realise it is on and its so comfy for him.


Jazz, Labrador, UK


Jazz is missing her back right paw. With the help of the boot she is able to lead a full active life and 'runs like the wind'.


Ginger - Golden Retriever, USA
Renee, Ginger's owner, writes She is doing really well with her boot. I have been able to consistently take
her on 3 mile walks, usually after about 2 miles, she will get tired enough to walk on her stump and the boot keeps it from getting tender and sore. Thank you so much for all your help!


LUCKY - Boston Terrier - North Carolina, USA
Lucky was injured at birth and accidentally lost his rear paw. Here he is wearing his specially designed dog boot.
His owner, Linda writes "I took Lucky to the vet for his next shot and the vet said that his boot was a good thing to protect his stump and keep it from getting sore. I told him where I got it and that it was specially made. He was interested in how I knew about you. I will continue to promote your great product and services. I am a very satisfied customer."


POPEYE - Golden Retriever - Pennsylvania, USA
Popeye was born without his rear paw. He has a specially made dog boot to protect the stump.

His owner, Brian, writes: "Popeye is adapting very well to his new boot. Although he has worn it for short periods of time only while he was recovering from his surgery, he has made no effort to try to remove it (at least not in my presence). It appears to be comfortable on him and it leaves no irritation marks that I can see. It seems to give him traction when he walks on it, although he does still tend to carry the leg sometimes. We think he will use it more and more as time goes on and he wears it for extended periods of time. Needless to say, we are very pleased."

Subsequently Brian told us: 'The boot has proven to be a total success for him and he seems to look forward to wearing it (he really wears it mostly out doors, but all day works just as well). Wearing it, he is even able to run if he so chooses."