Did you ever wish you had a comfortable waterproof bed for your dog?



Fully washable at 40 degrees C

Wipeable for quick cleaning and 'accidents'



Use in outside kennels or cars

Use inside


Reuse and Recycle

Refillable: Put your dog's existing bed inside it, or fill it with a used duvet.

An outer cover can be used if you wish, old duvet covers being very suitable for the diy dog owner


Our waterproof breathable fabric is specially made for Pro-Active Paws. It is a three-layer fabric made of tough textured polyester and retains its waterproof qualities even after abrasion and is very durable. We reduce the number of connective seams to a minimum, and the cover is sealed using a velcro closure.

Three Sizes (Customized Sizes on Request) Dog Type
Small 75 cm x 45 cm (29 x 17 inches) Terrier and Toy Breeds
Medium 95 cm x 75 cm (37 x 29 inches) Border Collie/Labrador
Large 150 cm x 95 cm (59 x 37 inches) Great Dane/Newfoundland