Dogs Who Wear Our Dog Boots for hiking, sharp stones, hot or hard ground, toe and paw injuries

Durable: One of our clients writes: The last pair I had never wore out (she had had them 7 years). I gave them away after the dog died.


Farley - Poodle - British Columbia, Canada
His owner writes: I tried several brands of boots on Farley so he could walk in the hills with me. live in Osoyoos British Columbia, where I am surrounded by amazing hills and meadows to explore. Farley loves to come with me but several of the local plants proved dangerous,especially the puncturevine. The small burrs from this plant can puncture a bicycle tire so you can imagine what it would do the sensitive paws. I tried several brands of boots but somewhere along the way, one or two boots would come off and go missing. Until I found Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots. Not only was I thrilled, so was Farley. Just take a look at his pictures and videos and you'll see how delighted he is with his new boots. And they have never fallen off!

Breeze - Springer Spaniel, Lake District UK
Her owner writes: Breeze wore her feet out on the hot summer ground of the Lake District Fells, and then wore her boot out too. You very kindly made her a bespoke pair to fit both her feet and her lunatic tendencies.

Since the arrival of those boots, the weather has been cooler and Breeze's feet have coped with everything we have thrown at them. I have diligently carried the boots in my rucksack for many miles.

However, about 10 days ago, we had one of those unforgetable days on the fells. Snow on the tops, clear blue skies and endless views. I never thought to check Breezes feet.

The next day she was a bit lame, and I felt awful when I discovered a hole in her pad again.

Since then we have done three fell walks, each time she has worn one boot (the same one each time). It has not made one bit of difference to the way she charges about, but it has meant that her foot has healed really quickly, and we are able to continue our walks while giving it time to harden before we risk it again.

Today I walked with a friend - she was absolutely amazed that the boot stayed in place for the whole walk. After three outings (and on the basis that she does about 10 x what we do, well over 100 miles) there are no signs of wear on the boot.

I have enclosed a photo of Breeze wearing the boot at the end of our walk.


Fonzi, Dalmatian, UK
Fonzi’s owner writes in ‘Trailblazers’, the newsletter for

”I don’t know about you but over the years we have gone through a variety of dog boots. Some have gone into holes and many have been lost out on walks as the fit was not good. My poor Fonzi has again been in the wars and had a small wound on the side of his foot that became infected and so needed some sort of boot to keep the area relatively clean.

Having trawled the internet I came across the website straight away I was encouraged by seeing sledge dogs and agility dogs wearing the boots.

Having made contact by e-mail I found Elizabeth Alderton of Pro-Active Paws Dogboots really great to deal with, I made a mistake with the sizing (even though there is a chart to measure your dogs foot!) She was really helpful in guiding me to ascertain the correct size and to say that I could have the boots made with a longer length going up the leg.

They have arrived, a perfect fit for Fonzi and they are sturdy and well made. A well worth addition to our ever increasing box of goodies for our dogs!”


Bracken, Collie - Somerset, UK
Bracken has sore front paws owing to his age. He is now happy walking on all surfaces.


Barney, Greyhound - Gloucestershire, UK
This greyhound has one hind leg missing. His owner writes: "we needed the boot to protect his remaining back paw as it gets a lot of hard use whilst out walking. Very easy to put on and he got used to it almost immediately, and is now able to walk, play and swim again without the boot falling off which is the best part."


Jyp - Labrador - Cornwall, UK
Jyp had a long-term paw injury which needed to be kept dry while it healed


Lurcher - Kent, UK
Her owner writes: 'The dog boots arrived safely and we have used them a couple of times on our new rescued lurcher bitch who had a damaged pad which she kept chewing. This style of boot fits a lurcher-type very well, as these dogs are often tall (both ours are around 26 inches at the shoulder) with long feet and thin legs. The length of your boot and its velcro fastening meant that we could fasten the boot very securely high enough up the leg so it did not come off. Most other styles of boot we have tried do not stay on, as they seem to be based on the idea that as a dog's feet get bigger its legs become thicker.

We used the boot on her in the house daytime and overnight, in the garden and when on the lead, but not when off the lead on a walk as she moves so fast over all terrain that she invariably comes back without any footwear! The injury is now healed so the boots are on standby for the next time, which can be fairly frequent with this type of fast moving dog.


Tip - Border Collie - Cumbria, UK

His owner writes: "The boots arrived and were an excellent fit. When Tip's pad (he had a deep cut in it) was really bad we used a heavy boot from another company which had lots of padding in it. It gave good padding and protection but it didn't stay on very well so when it had healed somewhat and he was back off the grass and his lead we swopped to your lighter boots. The photos show him in the middle of an 8 mile fellwalk yesterday (his first since the injury) and I only readjusted his boot once all day. They stay on very well and are remarkably hardwearing. I applied Vitamin E as recommended by you and it still has taken 3 weeks for it to heal and he will be wearing your boot for a while yet. After a 3 week lay off we are both not as fit as we were and I don't want it opening up again!

In all they are very simple and effective boots and the fit is perfect.

Thank you very much. I plan to carry them in my rucksack for emergencies (and snow when he gets ice balls between his toes whuch are obviously agony)

Pro-Active Paws also make padded boots or fully waterproof boots - you can see these comments for these under the section on Padded boots


Chance - Standard Poodle - Illinois, USA
Chance's owner writes: "Received the boots today--OH MY WORD!--they're fabulous! :) I've never
seen my dog so happy about something he couldn't eat. I swear he knows exactly what they're for and he LOVES them; he's grinning from ear to ear since he tried them out. We've been through a lot of lousy boots and he's never reacted to boots the way he's reacting to these; he's been dancing around, racing and jumping through the snow, just for the heck of enjoying what his new boots can do. He is so happy; it's hysterical.
He worked hard in them all day yesterday, about 15 hours, and they were a dream; didn't have to readjust them even once. Best, at the end of the day, his feet were dry and he was in no hurry to get them off--comfortable to the end."


Pepper - Standard Poodle - British Columbia, Canada

His owner writes. I fitted both front paws because I believe they take more pounding than the hind paws. He is extremely good when his paws are handled, he is used to me applying different potions and wraps to his feet because of the injuries he has incurred so many times. However, he looked really puzzled. What was it I was doing?

Than, right after I have finished with the second boot, he spotted the neighbor's cat and that was it. As he ran after the cat, the speed comparable to flying, he had to take a few sharp turns at an incredible speed. In an instant, the boots were forgotten and he is fine ever since.
I checked the boots right after he has finished chasing the cat. They stayed perfectly in place, just the way I've put them on. I only had to re-adjust the velcro. I like the red velcro on the boots. At first I thought it would be better to have a black color but as I watched the dog, I think there is a good reason for the velcro being different color than the boots. I can see very well if they are slipping (which they are not) or should anything happen while the dog is roughing it out. Than I went across the road to show the boots to my other neighbor who owns two Labs. We had a little laugh over Pepper looking 'so eighties' (Gogo boots. I am not sure of the right spelling but I wore them. LOL)
All three of the dogs played and run like crazy for at least an hour. The boots came through with flying colors. Literally:)

I want to thank you Elizabeth very much for making such a great product. I believe it will solve my problem with Pepper's paws.
If we need boots on his hind feet I will order another pair. And if and when they will wear out I will also order more.
And if I'll meet dog owners who will ask about the boots I will certainly recommend you.

Once more, many thanks for the fast service and for the honest product. It is great.

Later, his owner writes about the above pictures: This is what the boots looked like on Pepper after 1 1/2 hr running crazy on a pebbled beach, in and out of the sea. He had the boots on one front and a hind leg because the two paws had small cracks and needed protection.



Bojangles - Labrador - Scotland
His owner writes: I ordered a set of your waterproof dog boots and firstly would like to say how good they are! Excellent fit and really fit for purpose. Mr Bojangles has been running around, playing in the snow and ice and has never had any issues with the boots. They stay secure and are very waterproof, even when completely submerged in snow as they have been from the day I got them.

Today was their toughest challenge. Thick, heavy, sticky, slushy snow. It was EXTREMELY heavy underfoot and Mr Bo\'s dressing stayed dry under the boot. They are fantastic and I don't think I should attempt to find any substitute!

Many thanks again for your boots, I am glad I found you!


Genie - Bouvier des Flanders - Utah, USA
Her owner writes: Around Christmas, 2009, I purchased a pair of your dog boots for my Bouvier des Flandres, Genie. Well, it’s Spring in Utah, and we have just returned from our first camping trip to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming where Genie got to put your boots through their paces.

Attached are some pictures of Genie in the boots that you may use on your website. As you can see, she is much happier now that her sensitive feet are protected from the pine needles, rocks and stickers that are common in our mountain area.

I have to tell you, Genie does not like to have her feet handled at all, but she will lie down and present her feet when we tell her it’s “time to put your boots on!” She lies perfectly still while we put them all on, which is totally uncharacteristic of her. She LIKES to wear them, because her feet feel better with them on! (I really think she is allergic to grass, which is terrible if you’re a dog.)

Thanks for such a great product. They fit perfectly, stay in place and are easy to wash and dry.


Tilly - Labrador Mixture - Oxfordshire - UK
Her owner writes We have been giving them a thorough testing, and so far, after about a total of 2 hours hard use, once on thawed, muddy ground and today on hard, frosty mud, they are staying on and bearing up incredibly well - just a bit of wear on the inside paw pad surface.


Roxy - Labrador/German Shepherd Mixture - New Mexico - USA

The boots are absolutely fantastic. It's plain to see that they are made by people who care about every dog those boots go on.

Roxy 6.5 years old, has never had trouble with her feet before. Only the last 9 months or so she constantly has cuts and scrapes between her pads and even nasty cuts of the pads themselves (like one edge looked "sliced off"). Worst thing is that she has developed the habit of obsessively licking the bottom of her paws and actually turns the web into something looking like ground beef.

We really don't know what has caused all this trouble lately, except that we got a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy to keep her company last year (when our very old GSP was getting close to the end of his life). Ever since "Nemo" outgrew the puppy stage and turned into an adolecent the two of them have been playing extremely hard.

We have a nice (fenced) piece of property of several acres where they can roam around to their heart's content while I'm outside working with the horses. Unfortunately, living in the high desert, there really is no grass--only rather rough and even some pokey weeds. It didn't bother Roxy before for the last 4 years since we moved here but then she never raced around that extensively before Nemo joined our family. The snow and ice this winter have really caused the worst injuries.

Back to the boots: Roxy still has her dew claws and that has been a constant problem with all the other dog boots (the ones worth talking about) that I have tried. Your boots are the first and only ones that she is really comfortable in AND that stay on without turning upside down or hindering her otherwise. Also, we have a lot of mud here right now with snow melting and these boots don't get sucked off her feet and stay dry inside even when the outside looks terrible. When they are dry they can be just easily brushed mostly clean with a stiff bristly brush. Simple GREAT!

What I like best is that you worked out a very smart design with the straps. The fact that the straps attach to themselves all the way around keeps them tidy and she doesn't get caught and ripping them off like with some of the other boots.

Thanks to your boots we were able to leave the bandages off the two feet that were worst (one hind and one front) after only a couple of days. Being able to leave leave the boots on her feet to keep her from licking really sped up the healing.

I got lucky and got a shot of Roxy chasing her favorite enemies again: A pair of Ravens that hang around on our place. She has not done that in many weeks because either her feet hurt or the various boots I had on her didn't fit right or constantly turned upside down or chafed or simply hindered her. I've been gone through 5 different kinds of dog boots for Roxy (including one I made myself of leather to protect her bandage). Every one had some major disadvantages and I almost had given up when I found your boots.


Cookie - Nottingham - UK
Cookie's owner writes: Wonderful ! Marvelous ! Fantastic ! Amazing ! Not to mention pretty darn good ! Finally I can take Cookie out for a walk without having to bathe her on our return. No problems for her with the wearing of them, but still have to train myself (she's helping me) as regards how tight to tie them on.

Of all the websites I've dealt with, yours is probably my best find. And your aftercare is worthy of a medal. Too bad it's not the norm for service sectors.


Simone - Texas - USA
Simone was born with a birth defect on one of her paws and was walking sideways on it. She uses the boots to keep her comfortable and allow her to run freely. Simone's owner writes: the boots are working quite well - although i have mainly been using just one on her more severely deformed foot - here are some photos taken recently at a Lure Coursing event that we attended. Lure Coursing is Simone's favorite thing to do - and in the past it's really torn up her legs and feet. Everyone watching was amazed at how fast she is - and even more amazed when they realize that her legs and feet are misshapen and she's missing an eye.


Eva - Border Collie - Northants - UK
Eva, started to suffer from lameness in her right hing leg at the age of 18 months. The vet initially diagnosed a partially ruptured cruciate ligament in her knee. After 2 months of anti-inflammatory treatment and rest (try telling that to a collie) the problem continued to show itself so we took her to a consultant. He found her outer toes to be very sore on manipulation. He suspected sesamoid disease, very unusual in such a young dog. After an expensive x-ray and joint tap, nothing conclusive was found...
So her owners turned to the internet and learnt of a problem called 'sprung toe' whereby the ligaments in the dogs' feet become strained by twisting on soft ground, a common problem in greyhounds apparently. They also discovered Dog Boots Active and after consulting our company decided to give them a try.

Her owner Tamzin writes: Eva is now able to take part in all her usual activities once again with her new boots. She has started flyball, which she thinks is collie-heaven! She is able to tear around on the lawn chasing swallows again and she is happy to accompany me out riding, without being bothered by stinging nettles or stony tracks.Eva is a different dog! She's much happier on all terrain and has been back to full activity, even starting flyball, which she thinks is heaven.

Tamzin is certain that she improved with the boots. she states: "She's gone lame twice when we've exercised her without them so I'm now totally convinced they are the answer!"

Maisie - Jack Russell/Staffordshire Terrier - Wiltshire - UK
Had badly worn pads on front paws plus some arthritis and had trouble with walking on rough grass/tarmac/gravel. Maisie is wearing our regular boots
Sara and Ken, her owners, write: We just thought you'd like to see a picture of Maisie in her boots, taken at the end of a walk, with the boots still perfectly in place. You can see from her blur of a tail that she's enjoyed her walk in the boots. She doesn't limp anymore.

Bobby - Greyhound - Surrey - UK
Bobby has corns and has used our boots both to protect his paws, and over bandages. Sue, his owner writes. Received the dog boots today! Thank you so much for getting them here so quickly. We were so fed up with plastic bags and bits of vetwrap! Bobby was very happy wearing the large size boots over his bandages and managed to walk up and down the road in relative comfort. The boots are certainly waterproof as he managed to pee all over one of them with no leaking onto the bandages at all. This afternoon he actually decided to run about in the garden before I could calm him down.

Australian Shepherd - South Carolina - USA

Louise writes: "I received the boots yesterday. The boot fits her foot very well and she seems to be accepting it without problem. She lost a large portion of a pad on her left rear paw back in March. The vet told me it would take months to heal. She has been wearing a cotton sock that I tape around her ankle, so she was used to something on the foot. The vet liked the idea of a cotton sock that was breathable and the fact that she tolerated it.. The issue was the pad was not making progress healing due to her licking the sock, which kept the pad wet. I looked for something online and liked your boot best out of all the different ones I researched.

I really like the leather on the boot pad and it appears to give her much more comfort when walking. She has even started to run in this boot and I do not notice a limp like I did with the sock. I know this is giving her more protection and comfort as well as keeping the wound dry. I am hoping that the pad begins to heal very soon. I wish I'd had this months ago.

Tilly - Bernese Mountain Dog - Berks - UK
Her owner, Aileen, writes: Thought you might like to see Tilly wearing No 5 which fits her at the moment. We live on a farm and what with the torrential rain we have had recently I don't know how we would have coped without these wonderful boots


Charlie - Springer Spaniel - Cheshire - UK

Bill writes: "Thanks for the dog boots, they arrived three days after my order, they fitted fine (after your advice on size). Today is the last day when Charlie, our Springer will have to wear a boot, after a deep cut to his right pad. The boot has been great for Charlie, providing much needed protection on his walks, during the healing of the cut (he goes daft without his exercise!). In the future they will always be carried with us and I'm sure the boots will be very useful for Charlie, as regards protecting his paws when the going gets tough on our adventures.


Jen - Collie - Essex - UK
Jen needed a boot to keep her bandage dry. Patti writes: The boots fit perfectly and she has accepted them just fine thanks again - i am going to mention them to my vet when she gets the dressing removed on monday. Your boot has been an absolute godsend!


Lurcher - Somerset - UK

Her owner writes: The boots are absolutely great. They stay on come what may and believe me the lurcher using them is VERY active!! She lost a nail and the wound needed protection to allow healing to progress. Thanks to the boot she has been wearing, the injury has now cleared up and we are back to normal. Boots stowed away in case they are needed again!!!!!!

Dugald - Springer - Fife - SCOTLAND
Col, his owner writes: They fit well and he doesn't mind having it on at all. I must compliment you on their construction, Dugald is a very active Springer and was shredding one of the "shop bought" boots within one walk, but yours seem to be virtually indestructible!


Dougal - Bearded Collie - Sussex UK
Lucy writes We recently bought a set of boots from you for our bearded collie, Dougal.
You kindly altered them for us so that we could get them on over his thick coat. We've had snow here overnight, and this morning Dougal got to play in his new 'dog suit' nicely finished off with his 'dog boots'! We thought you might like to see your hard work being appreciated, his feet stayed nice and dry and no snow balled in his pads


Ellie, Lurcher, UK

Ellie had bone grafts and implants to her front ankle joint and was in a plaster cast for 2 months

We made a special boot for Ellie to cover her cast. Judith, her owner reported :

The dog boots for Ellie arrived very quickly and one has been in constant use since. She returned to the Queens Royal Veterinary College, University of Cambridge today wearing her new boot! Everyone was very impressed. There were several other Lurchers in a similar situation there. I have to say it looks very neat and tidy and certainly keeps the plaster cast in good condition.

The boots have been brilliant, the weather here has turned very wet and I can take her out confident that the boot will stay in place and keep her plastercast dry. To find a full length, neat and waterproof boot was such a relief, not sure what we would have done without one.


Maxwell, Oxford, UK

Chrissy writes: We had a super walk round the Parks on Saturday morning sporting new boots and initially he was a bit slow but realised that they weren't going to go away and got used to them.

Ebony - Giant Schnauzer - York - UK

John, Ebony's owner writes:

The dog boots fit perfectly and "Ebony" our elderly Giant Schnauzer has taken to them with no problem at all.

Her sore foot has healed and she is running about again. I fit the boots every time she goes out on hard or rough surfaces and they keep
her feet protected and clean.

They also have the added advantage of her being able to come in from the cold without having to wait for her feet to dry on wet days.


Kobe and Joey, British Columbia, Canada

Yuka's two dogs hate the wet, and the boots have made a real difference to them.


Maggie - Welsh Terrier, California USA

Steve writes

Maggie my welsh terrier responded with great joy at being able to run and walk through woods and on terrain that for at least the last 2 years she has not been able to comfortably travel through. She was barking and running back and forth!! This has been a real success!


Mia - Rottweiler/Terrier/Shepard - New Mexico, USA

Carla writes

The boots did arrive and they are wonderful! They stay on during our girls' most active times! Thank you so much for such a quality product.


Abby, Springer, Yate UK

Abby has suffered badly from arthritis in her feet. Gill, her owner, describes their experience of using our regular boots

Abby, being the surgery dog has no problem with anything that you do to her or put on her. as a puppy I used to put bandages on her legs then we'd play, a preparation for any injuries in her life and would not be at all bothered by it. Just as well. I certainly did not envisage this one, (needing boots for the rest of her life) So it DID all pay off. The boots arrived and within minutes they were on her feet. THEN I read the fitting instructions. Ok got that right, lets go. She bounces when she walks. Her behavior is ridiculously happy to the point of much mischief ( I actually threaten to take them off now if she doesn't behave) She has boundless energy again!! and I am just not used to having my springer back.... I have cried with happiness for her. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. I am still trying to get my head around that your boots have saved this miserable dog back to her real self and that she can be 8yrs old again. I am putting the boots through their paces and they are all that you say they are. Abby stands for them to be put on and pushes her hind leg back like a ballerina for me to pull them up and fit the straps. Quite something. Straight away they go on for 12hours a day. she cannot be without this support. unable to walk on anything other than carpet.. couldn't get up the stairs.. occasionally her back end would just topple over.. Jumping into the car was a thing of the past too. ALL of these things she does now with great gust (in boots).
for the first week she was on her pain killers and boots but for this week I am using the BOOTS ONLY to get a true evaluation of the percentage of support that your boots do for her, again on day 3 only I am impressed and amazed. I will have all my info together by the end of the week. I shall probably need to help her with pain killers but as It looks at the moment it could be half dose. Wow, this is incredible considering the degree of arthritic toes that she has.

In October 2004 we received an update on Abby:

It was around February of this year that I first ordered a pair of the boots for Abby and it was early days that I was assessing their ability, whether we were able to keep Abby mobile without any pain killers. Well we have been wearing them now for 8 months from 8am in the morning until bedtime, thankyou we do not use any pain killers for her and she leads an active life with them on.
With Abby being SO dependant on the boots for her rumatoid arthritis in her back feet we have encountered No problems at all. No sweating or sores between the pads, which was a concern of mine. She will insist on leaping into any water for swims. so a dry pair is always on hand wherever we go or I will be carrying her and the thought of 18.50kg of silly springer in my arms is not a thought that I relish.
Abby has had a few health problems this year as I previously wrote to you ( the parallised face) due to dodging the cat and slamming into a wall. Well with an MRI scan booked, we then went downhill with a condition called immune mediated thrombocytopenia, her immune system destroys her platelets. she was very weak and had had a mild bleeding into the gastrointestinal tract, which can be fatal. She is responding well to treatment but has been a long patient hawl, throughout it all even at deaths door YES, she still had her boots on, people are getting used to the idea that they are a permanant fixture, Her toes continue to deteriorate but all is well with your boots.


Labrador Cross, Cheshire, UK

Karen writes:

They are great, the best for fit and staying on (which is a difficult thing especially on a young active dog). I am very happy with them.
The bigger size is just right to go over his dressing which is still needed, theese pads take forever to heal. We seem to be making good progress with the wound and I am hopefull that come Monday when we go for a check up that we will be able to be bandage free so I will be usig the smaller size to give a little protection for a while longer.


Budvar - German Short-Haired Pointer - Tyne and Wear, UK

Sam, Budvar's owners writes: Budvar's paws have healed up now but we still have the boots just in case. They are rather worn now but still come in useful from time to time for both dogs if they have a knock or scrape to there feet


Lizzie, Pluto and Bugsy, Shelties, Devon UK

Gill's problem with her dogs related to prickly plants!

Currently having problems as dogs very slow when there is gorse on the ground. Takes ages to get anywhere because they are avoiding the gorse so not keeping up

Gill is using our regular boots for all her dogs, and you can see pictures of them on

Labrador, Cambridge, UK

Lisa writes:

I followed your instructions and put one boot on at a time then playing a game which was just what was needed, I think he only tried once or twice to chew them off and then he forgot all about them, he still walks a bit funny in them, but he'll soon get used to them I'm sure - he doesn't get sore paws when he's out anymore and he runs across our large gravel drive as if it were grass now - no more limping slowly across it - which is just great.


Sasha - Border Collie - Carmarthenshire, Wales

Sasha recovered completely after using our boots for a while - and at great speeds too.

Jordan - USA
Harriet writes: Jordan and I thank you. The boots are all that you said, and more. How refreshing to use a product that actually lives up to its advertising.

Joanna - Mandy's owner writes: Yesterday, I took Mandy (who is wearing the boot) and Chloe up a trail to the top of a nearby hill and forested area. She had never been able to go there before, because it is a very rocky trail and her paw would have been too torn up. So your boot is helping her to enjoy "life as a dog" so much more.

Willow, Doberman, USA
John writes:. These were purchased for my daughter who found them to be very satisfactory. She and her doberman, Willow, traveled extensively in California and Mexico into areas where thorns and cactus needles were a serious problem. Boots did their job perfectly and still have considerable wear left.

Candy - Arizona, USA

Alan writes:

The boots do work fine. I failed to bring the boots on a backpack trip and regetted it. Then we went for a 12 mile bicycle trek in the desert. I brought the boots along but did not put then on until the half-way point when I noticed a couple small cuts on one of Candy's front pads. I put the boots on and she took off like a new dog. She was so excited to have foot protection that she raced back and forth across the dirt trail. I finally had to command her to settle and slow down when she crossed in front and I ran into her. She had so much fun and finished the ride strong.


California, USA

Debra writes

I love the dog boots. They work great at the beach in the hot sand, and for those cold wet morning walks. I have recommended them to several others.


Tubby - Greyhound - Ohio, USA
The boots were a God send for Tubbys paw. He wore them for about 7 months while his paw healed. At first, he didn't want to wear them, then he started to hold his paws out to have them put on. Glad to report that the wound has healed. We also used the vitamin E capsules as was suggested. If I hadn't found Pro-Active, I don't believe his paw would have healed. The next step was to have his toe amputated.


Mollie - Wales
The boots have been great, Mollie wasn't keen at first, but after a short while she was back to her normal nutty self, It has made a major difference to her mountain walks, she can now walk up and down Snowdon without any problems of sore paws which have plagued her in the past (unlike her owners who puff and pant the whole way up and down) The only time we nearly lost a shoes was when she went swimming in one of the many rivers that she so loves!! Thanks again for a great product.


Christine Smith - Owner of Tubby - Naperville, Illinois, USA
Christine writes: "The boots help keep Tubby's feet clean and dry while she is outside. The small size fit her perfectly and my carpets don't have little paw-prints on them anymore!"e


Border Collie - Worcestershire, UK

Fiona writes:

We found your dog boots perfect for the recovery of our very active border collie's cut paw. She ran over some broken glass and had a deep laceration of the main pad and damage to the tendon. She refused to walk on four legs unless he had her boot on until it was mended. This took several weeks and she was able to enjoy a holiday in the Lake District during this time.


William Ruffin - Pensylvania, USA

Bill writes regarding the boots purchased for his dog:

The big thing is the fit and stability. It is so great to see him running flat out again ... with out a flipper on one foot. I swear, his mood has changed. He was acting more like an eight year old dog than one two and a half. Back to having the seven-oclock sillies. For about an hour in the early eveninig ... he goes crazy. Slides across the floor ... bounces off walls .. throws his toys up in the air. Great to see that again.

Obviously, this little guy means a lot to us.Thanks for all you did to help. I've told the breeder about you, and I hope she'll spread the word.


Christine Smith - Owner of DeeDee Japanese Chin/Chihauhau- Naperville, Illinois, USA

Deedee is a very small dog and there have been problems with her freezing her feet to the deck of Christine's house. We worked for some time with Christine to get a boot that was small enough!

Christine writes: "The final design was perfect. It takes a little work at first to make sure all her toes and toe nails are together when I slip the boot on. After that, it fits very well and is very suitable for walking around outside. These boots allow potty breaks to be taken with ease. Without these shoes my dog could, and has, frozen her feet to the deck outside my back door."


Sharon Ellis - Owner of Poppy - Teeside, UK

The dog boots that you sent me are fantastic!!!! As well as protecting my dog, I no longer have to worry about where she's running or what she's running over. The more people know about these dog boots the better, in my opinion.


Christine Rogers - Florida USA - Has rottweillers, german shepherd, shar pei, belgian malinois

Here is Christine's very enjoyable and amusing email about her early experiences with our boots.

We went to the dogs' training class today, and the trainer put the boots on Tyson, my youngest Rottweiller. (I tried at home on two others and they walked liked storks and looked so tortured and then the boots fell off, so I thought I probably did not put them on right!)

Everyone in the whole building came to see Tyson with his boots on. They worked perfectly! He walked like a stork for just 2 minutes and then started walking normally. He wore them for a whole hour. Everyone was ooing and aahing and Tyson was just eating up all of the attention. He was so proud of himself!

The trainer only put the boots on Tyson but said the dogs need to start wearing the boots everyday for a while to get used to them. He said to do our practice obedience with the boots on and give them lots of treats while we are practicing so they associate pleasure with the boots. He also said to cut down on their food so they do not get fat from the treats. This way there will be less stress when we start the cart training because they will already be used to the boots.

So we did our first practice tonight. My oldest and alpha dog went first and he acted like he had worn boots all of his life. I was so proud of him! Normally no one can touch his feet at all because of his arthritis. He usually will bite you if you touch his paws but he was no problem at all, I was amazed! He will be 12 years old in February.

Then Rocky, my champion dog, was second, and he was all nervous but by the end of his turn he was walking fine. Then Tyson was next and he acted like a real pro and like it was nothing. He was so smug about it!

Meanwhile my Shar-Pei, Ginseng, was watching all of this very carefully. This was a big deal because each dog laid down while I put the boots on each foot, then we would do our obedience, and then the dog would lay down while I took the boots off and put them on the next dog. So when her turn came, she was not nervous at all but she walked so funny!

I took her next door to our neighbor to show her off. We laughed and laughed and told her what a good dog she was! Of course, she felt so special because she was the only dog that got to go outside and by the time we came back in she was walking normally.

Then my husband came home and it was Foxy's turn, my Belgian Malinois. Foxy is very excitable and runs around and around and barks. We had her lay down and I put the boots on. She just laid there. She played "dead dog". My husband was amazed and said we should leave the boots on her all of the time! He never saw her stay in one place so long! He never saw her so quiet!

Of course she looked totally put out and sooo longsuffering. I took pity on her when I stopped laughing and encouraged her up and we started to heel. Her front legs splayed out from under her but she got back up but her back leg didn't seem to work. It wouldn't touch the ground. She kept pawing with it like a bull getting ready to charge except it was her back leg instead of the front.

We kept on walking and finally the back leg hit the ground however she would not eat any treats. She was sooo tortured! She was sooo pitiful! (She was not smart like Ginseng, she had disappeared when the other dogs were doing their training.)

But she got into the swing of things with Rocky's help. He could tell she needed help so he escorted us and sat when she was supposed to sit and laid down when she was to lay down, etc., so she could remember what she was supposed to do. Since she wouldn't eat any treats, I gave her extra hugs and kisses instead. When she was done, we told her what a good dog she was and spent an extra half hour petting her and telling her how good she did. You could tell she was still put out. I can't wait until tomorrow's session!?

We suggested just using one boot for Foxy and letting her get used to them one at a time

In the continuing saga....... Foxy was still acting tortured whenever we put the boots on. She would just lay there until we pulled her leash and then would grudgingly do her obedience work. She was not the happy, intense, bouncy dog that she normally is.

She wouldn't eat the treats, the hugs & kisses were ok but she still acted put upon. So last night I took her upstairs after obedience with the boots still on. I got her ball and acted like everything was normal and sat down. Immediately she she sit up on the bed and gave me her paw ignoring the boots completely.

I shook her paw (part of our ball ritual) and then threw the ball out the door and down the hall. She leapt off the bed, landed on the carpet, ran into the tiled hall, got the ball, turned around and came running back and jumped on the bed and sat down with the ball in her mouth and lifted her paw.

I shook her paw, threw the ball hard this time and it went rolling down the hall and down the stairs. She went chasing after it down the tiled stairs, got the ball and came running back and jumped back on the bed.

Needless to say, we did this for 45 minutes. She forgot all about the boots or else they didn't matter when it came to fetching her ball. I guess I just had to find the right motivation!

Later, Christine writes

In the continuing saga of the boots, Ginseng and Foxy got into a fight over a pig ear and Ginseng's upper leg under her shoulder got all torn up. We had to take her to the vet and get stitches. The vet said to put a tee-shirt on her to keep her from licking the bandage off, but it didn't work. She still licked the bandage off and then licked and pulled the stitches. We had to take her back to the vet to get everything replaced.

Well fortunately, we had the boots! I put a sock over her leg and then the boot. It works! She doesn't lick there anymore. She thinks she can't but she really could because the boot doesn't go quite so high on her leg. She wears the boot all the time now and struts around like she is so priveleged! No one else gets to wear a boot all of the time!

In January 2002 Christine writes

My two Rotties are now "Certified Pet Therapists" by the Humane Society. They had to go through extensive testing and part of the test was if they scratch people when they shake paws.

We put on the boots and got a jump on that part of the test! Now Rocky and Tyson visit hospitals, nursing homes, and adult day care centers wearing the boots! This not only protects the people that the dogs meet but also protects the dogs from picking up any bacteria and then licking their paws. It is a win, win situation for all!

One of the facilitators asked where I got the boots and I gave him your new website. He wants to order a set for his grandmother's golden retriever because the dog is always scratching his grandmother unintentionally.


Elsie Graham Owner of Arnie - Tyne and Wear, UK

Arnie has a fungal infection that dogs can get from fields. He's had all his claws pulled, but they're starting to grow back. He has to have his feet dressed and is wearing the boots over his dressings.


Clive Gare - Border Collie Owner, Colchester, Essex, UK

Clive's dog had to wear a splint after breaking her paw.

Clive writes: "The awaited boots arrived on Wednesday and were greeted with much excitement. They fitted like a glove(!) and we experienced none of the problems (like rotation) mentioned in your literature.

The performance of the boots was excellent in the long, wet grass of our first gentle walk and kept the foot beautifully dry. The 'breathability' of the fabric prevented any sweated internal moisture and kept the foot in perfect condition.


Freckles - English Setter - Cornwall, UK

Mrs. Husband, Freckles owner says: 'I am so impressed with the dog boots. Freckles has worn them in all conditions, snow, rain, mud and her paw has stayed completely dry'.

Note from Pro-Active Paws. Freckles is using our dog boots with waterproof seam tape.


Blackie - Black Labrador - Tyne and Wear, UK
You can see here how Blackie happily plays with his boot on and uses his foot totally naturally. Being black, it doesn't show up as well as on the lighter dogs!


Jules Hussey - Owner of a Lurcher and a Greyhound - London UK
Jules says "Both the dog boots fit fine. The injured dog walked with no problem wearing one boot. Went for worming tablets on the way to the park and the vet commented on 'nice footwear'! Went to Hyde Park where the foot stayed dry and the boot on, despite squirrel chasing!"


TAWNY - German Shepherd - Hants, UK
Tawny's owner, Noreen says: "Tawny cut his paw badly just recently and the dog boot was great. It kept his cut clean from all the mud in the area and Tawny did not seem bothered by the boot at all, in fact he seemed to forget he was wearing it."


DALLAS - Labrador Retriever - Canada
Dallas launched herself off a bank about 20 feet high, but never made the water, and broke both her front legs.
Dallas' owner Dee said that the boots worked well and had saved her a fortune in vet-wrap


KISMET - Miniature Poodle - Australia
Her owner, Brian, writes: "the boot still allows the dog to do normal things like run and play"


ZURI - Bullmastiff x Ridgeback - Victoria, Australia

Zuri's owner, Robyn writes: "I have been using the boots of a night to stop him endlessly licking one paw and the boot has been brilliant. It has stayed on and must be comfortable as he made only a couple of attempts to remove it and then sighed and gave up. It was particularly good when he cut his paw and was an enormous help in getting the cut to heal so quickly.

I have tried many different things to stop Zuri licking his paws, they were always removed in no time flat. This is the only thing that stays on of a night!

They are quick and easy to put on and the velcro strips are easy to put on and remove."

Note from Pro-Active Paws: Some dogs that are unattended for a long time may succeed in removing their boots, if so we recommend that they wear a light muzzle.