Elbow Protectors

Spot - Labrador - Massachusetts, USA

The device we ordered arrived just fine and our dog has taken to it with no problems. It fits perfectly and with the longer straps of velcro there is plenty of room to make adjustments if needed.

The straps around her elbows do not cause her any irritation or discomfort and do provide the protection from the hard wood floors that was sought. She does accidently open the velcro when she manages to catch it on side of her bed, bedding or something else she is laying on. This has been easily remedied by placing a couple of loose strips of adhesive tape around the straps.

She is now almost 14 years old. We rescued her as a pup. She has arthritis and a side effect of the strap's support is it helps her to walk with much less pain.

Pro-Active Paws were a little surprised at the effect on this dog's walking. Her owner went on to say

Regarding the arthritis. My guess is that the straps do a combination of things. Yes, shorten the stride but also the strap seems to be be transferring some of the weight off of the ankles and placing it on the back muscles.

Without the strap she has a pronounced limp and is in obvious pain, requiring the maximum therapeutic amount of Rimadyl each day. With the strap she is able to move with greatly reduced pain to point of trotting to meet my wife when she returns home from work. Further, and perhaps more
importantly, we have been able to reduce by about 1/2 the Rimadyl she receives thus alleviating extra strain on her liver.