Grass Seed and Other Allergies

Boycie - English Bull Terrier - Cambridgeshire - UK
His owner writes: The boots arrived promptly. At first it was quite a daunting thought knowing Boycie our English Bull Terrier would have to wear boots every time to go outside, i must admit i was dreading it.

We tried the boots front ones first for a week then all four boots. It was the funniest thing we have ever seen, we were trying to give him encouragement to walk whilst in laughing fits. He was walking like he was on hot coals.

Now he wears them outside all the time. He still has not managed a bully run in them, so once a day we allow him to have a free run then we wash his feet after. We are still having to make sure they are tight enough as the front ones twist round a bit. We are thinking maybe a size lower in the front would be better, we will wait and see.

The improvement in his feet is remarkable, they were in a horrid state. After three days of wearing them he has not chewed his feet once.

We now have a happy dog again who runs around the house, not a depressed one in his basket chewing his feet till they bleed.

So thank you they are great boots.


Bill - Cavalier King Charles - Tyne and Wear - UK

Bill is allergic to grass

Susan writes: The boots have enabled us to continue our walks along the coast


Sweep - Blue Marl Border Collie - Scottish Borders
Sweep took to her boot very well and it cured her of biting her paw. She no longer wears it because she has got so used to not biting that her paw has healed as much as it ever will. I was impressed with the boot: easy to put on, hard wearing, and above all, washable! Thank you very much for an excellent product which I am happy to recommend.
Sweep (blue marl Border Collie) is nearly 14 and slowing down but still enjoys her life and is absolutely gorgeous: this picture was taken on her morning walk at Coldingham Bay, Scottish Borders, last summer.


BENJI - Golden Retriever - Bucks, UK
Norma, his owner, writes: "The dog boots are excellent. He wore one for a convalescent period but we are proposing that between July and September he will wear one when he goes for his walks to prevent possible grass seeds entering the paw."


Greyhound - Clacton on-Sea, Essex, UK

Becky writes: "I have found your boots especially helpful for my greyhound. She suffers from a kind of excema on her pads. This can get very painful at times and has resulted in several trips to the vets to have it treated and bandaged up. This means that she can't go out for her daily walk until they are better, sometimes taking up to 2 weeks, so as you can imagine, she is a very grumpy greyhound! With the help of your boots she is now able to get out and about more and they even prevent the excema from gettting too sore when she has been walking on hard surfaces and will inevitably save me a lot of money and trips to the vets.

I would throughly recommend them to all dog owners whose dogs have problem paws!"