Dogs That Visit Hospitals

Christine Rogers - Florida USA - Has rottweillers, german shepherd, shar pei, belgian malinois

My two Rotties are now "Certified Pet Therapists" by the Humane Society. They had to go through extensive testing and part of the test was if they scratch people when they shake paws.

We put on the boots and got a jump on that part of the test! Now Rocky and Tyson visit hospitals, nursing homes, and adult day care centers wearing the boots! This not only protects the people that the dogs meet but also protects the dogs from picking up any bacteria and then licking their paws. It is a win, win situation for all!

One of the facilitators asked where I got the boots and I gave him your new website. He wants to order a set for his grandmother's golden retriever because the dog is always scratching his grandmother unintentionally.