Dogs that have allergies causing scratching or chewing their paws

Advice for the compulsive licker

Bandage If there is an open wound use an appropriate healing cream and bandage affected area twice daily, or more often if it gets wet
Boots Use boots (over bandage if necessary) and tape straps down with electrical ducting tape
Watch Watch the dog. If he starts to chew at the boots, stop him
Entertain Entertain the dog. Lots of exercise if possible and also chews to distract him
Repel Use a scent repellent such as citronella on the boots to dissuade him from licking

If the dog is unattended use a cone collar as well as the boots. Nowadays an inflatable version is available that would be fairly comfortabble.

As a last resort a muzzle may be used

Night If you have the dog sleep in the same room, you will hear him if he starts to try to remove the boots
Vigilance Maintain this regime for several weeks following apparent recovery to avoid a relapse

Ask your vet about Piriton, an antihystamine used widely for allergies, eczema etc. in humans and also suitable for dogs.

Be specific, it's out of patent and cheap, usually over the counter at pharmacies and therefore not usually prescribed


Colin, Border Collie, Wiltshire, UK

Colin's owner writes:

"I thought I would send you a photo of Colin my collie in his new boots, and as you can see they match his allergy coat a treat . He is happy to run in them, and for running and fetching balls, frisbees', etc, he's running well in them.
Thank goodness I found your site, I was beginning to despair trying all sorts of boots for him, coats as well, come to think of it !.
I'm happy for you to use his photo if you like to support the great boots, as Colin is very proud to wear them.


Labrador - UK
I bought a pair of regular boots for my 10-year old Labrador who has grass contact allergies.

He adapted to the boots really quickly (about 10 minutes!) and once I learned how to put them on properly they have stayed on without me needing to adjust them (something that other boots don't always do).

Since wearing the boots for 3 days, I have noticed he is a lot calmer. The boots seem to be a distraction for him and I think the gentle pressure of the velcro around his legs is soothing.

This morning I nearly cried when I saw him the happiest and most energetic he's been for a long time. He was bounding off like a puppy, springing around and playing with my other dog.

Your product, so far, has been a blessing and has also alleviated so much of my stress, as his behaviour (chewing, scratching, depression) was really getting me down. I'd even thought about having him euthanased because it was really affecting my mental health.

Thankyou. I will be a returning customer and highly recommend your boots to others.


Tasha - Edinburgh - Scotland
Tasha has hyper keratinisation (over growth of her pads)

Tasha's owner writes: The boots fit like a glove (or a boot!). Tasha wears them in the house to prevent her from chewing her front paws. We take them off when walking her. I got this idea from the comments on your webpage. They are so comfortable she needs no muzzle as she does not bother them even when we are out. She can chew toys and chews with them on, and as an added bonus they stop her slipping on the laminate in the kitchen! Now for the first time her paws are gettting a chance to heal. I am hopeful more healthy pads may emerge underneath. Already they are looking mych improved.



Wanda - Rottweiler - Derbyshire - UK
Wanda has a lick habit and was destroying her front paw.

Her owners write The boot is on all the time that she is not out walking. Occassionally she has a tug at it so we just put another velcro strip over it to stop her getting any grip and she soon leaves it alone again.

We've been batterling with this problem since November last year and at our wits end, then we found your boots. We've been using them for quite a while now (this is the second lot we've had) and she hasn't got to her leg since. The wound is healed and we are just waiting for the fur to re-grow.


Jimmy - Collie Cross - E. Sussex, UK

Jimmy has been chewing his foot owing to grass seed allergy

Russell, Jimmy's owner writes

"I confirm the safe arrival of the dog boots. They are brilliant!

Jimmy has had no problem with them at all. The sizing is perfect and I've been able to cut down the length a shade to ensure they fit as per your instructions.

Suffice to say they have done the job. Jimmy had been chewing just one of his front paws which we think was a grass seed allergy associated with the hot weather. This only happened when he was quiet and not doing anything like at night.

Because the boots are so easy to put on (rather that the sock and selloptape method we were using) he slips into it without a problem. The boot stops the chewing and his paw is back to normal again.

Excellent product."


Sweepy, Cocker Spaniel, Warwickshire, UK (now in Christchurch)

Cheryl, Sweepy's owner writes:

I would just like to say how successful the boots have been for Sweepy our Cocker Spaniel. We have used them recently to prevent him scratching a serious skin complaint. I orginally purchased them in desperation as he continually bit his paws causing infection and ended up in circles trying to resolve this. The boots actually trained him and he stopped doing this very quickly.

The boots have saved used pounds on Vet bills (and his life as the Vet believed there was no resolution to his problems at one point!) We are eternally grateful for a successful outcome and a better quality of life for Sweepy.


Snap, a Collie - Camberley, Surrey, UK

Angela Chuter, Snap's owner writes: "Having had a dog with a sore paw that required protection, I realized that I needed to have something immediately to hand for emergencies and decided to purchase the Pro-Active Paws dog boots.

Within a few weeks of having the boots, Snap, one of our collies, tore a large hole in his side, we think he did this running through woodland and probably gouged himself on a low branch or something. The wound needed 9 stitches and as it was located just behind his shoulder he could reach it nicely with his back foot for a good scratch. Not ideal when you want to keep the stitches in! I put one of the dog boots on his back foot so when he did scratch he didn't damage the wound. This worked well, the boot stayed on and he ignored it, so must have found it comfortable.

So, another success story for dog boots, not only will they protect the paw, but they will also protect the dog from his paws!"

TJ, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Helen's dog suffered with itchy paws. Helen is using our regular boots to help TJ and writes

This as an end to TJ's misery of itchy paws in the summer, I would be glad to show them to my Vet, as this saves me having to continually bathe her feet in warm salty water after each walk, and also apply creamn and bath her in special shampoo when necessary which is great since she doesn't much likes baths anyway. I am so thankful for them now.