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Dogs using Padded Boots

Calvin - Labrador - California USA
Calvin (our dog) has been using one of them on his left paw. He has not only adapted to it w/o any problems, but he also walks now so fast that he is pulling his leash the way he did when he was a puppy.


Toya - Great Dane - South Africa
Toya wears a padded boot to protect her paw which has a damaged pad.


Charlie - Labrador - Warwickshire, UK

Charlies has arthritis in his front paws

His owner, Lynne writes: "The boots were received and I cannot believe the difference they have made. Charlie no longer limps - he runs around. It seems like he is five years younger! Even the neighbours have commented and he is now quite a celebrity in the village because of his boots.

Maddy, Labrador, UK
Her owner writes: "Maddy has adjusted to wearing her boots incredibly happily andquickly andthey're making a massive difference to her - she's happy to trot about on concrete and tarmac for the first time in months which is brilliant - a real revelation and great relief after lots of pain. She's also loving the attention she's getting from all & sundry!"


Max - Golden Retriever - Oregon - USA

Needed padded boots for sore paws on hard ground

Sharyl, his owner writes "This has made such a difference in his energy level and wanting to play. now when we go out walking, even on the coarse lava rock, he's always in motion!"


Pip - German Shepherd - Bedford UK

Pip had her claw and first toe joint and the pad removed leaving a very sensative longish stump. When she's out for a walk the stump makes contact with the floor be it smooth or rough. As a result.she developed a reluctance to apply any weight on that side thus making her walk slow and awkward. We made a pair of padded boots for Pip

Peter, Pip's owner wrote: "Just to say I received Pip's boots this morning.Well what can I say? She took to them straight away, we road teated them on all sorts of terrain with 100% success. She now walks with full confidence and enjoys her walks to the full.


Moss - Golden Retriever - Worcestershire, England

Moss is recovering from an injury to one of his pads, and finds rough surfaces (especially loose grit on tarmac) very difficult to walk on. He has a specially padded boot.

Ian Such, his owner writes: "As you can see from the photos, he finds the boot very comfortable, and has no problem with footpaths and roads. As suggested on your website, I have taped several layers of Ducting Tape on the front of the boot, so as to lessen the wear and prolong its life.