Snow Protection

Evie, Labrador, West Sussex, UK

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Evie's owner writes: The boots were so helpful in the hard ice.
Loads of people asked where I purchased them from. It was a very cold winter and the ground was so hard and the boots came in useful.


Omani Wadi Dog - Kazakhstan
His owner writes: The boots arrived safely and our dog is now wearing them in Kazakhstan. Boots are doing a great job although I sometimes have a little trouble with the rear boots - making sure they are on tight enough!! The weather is at minus 30 most days so the best purchase for Benji to enable him to go outside. I've attached a photo in his boots - he is from Oman so probably wondering why he has gone from 40+ degrees to -30 degrees!


Barney - California - USA - Has a missing toe on one paw
His owner writes: I took Barney to the snow and the booties stayed on great.


Ailsa - Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen - Scotland
Her owner writes: My petit Ailsa loves her boots although it took me more time to put them on than it took her to get used to them. They have definitely made a difference and the best thing is that they have stayed on. Money well spent.

I thought you might like to see her wearing them on the first day - after 10 minutes she was charging about the garden getting chased by our other dogs.


Group of Dogs - Michigan - USA
Their owner writes: I just wanted to let you know that I love the boots. We went on a long walk through the snow the other day and all of the boots stayed on! All three dogs loved being able to walk without snow icing up in their paws! Thanks!


Dougal - Bearded Collie - Sussex UK
Lucy writes We recently bought a set of boots from you for our bearded collie, Dougal.
You kindly altered them for us so that we could get them on over his thick coat. We've had snow here overnight, and this morning Dougal got to play in his new 'dog suit' nicely finished off with his 'dog boots'! We thought you might like to see your hard work being appreciated, his feet stayed nice and dry and no snow balled in his pads

Greyhounds - Colorado - USA
Liza, their owner writes: The dog boots arrived on a very cold and snowy day in Denver. The dogs weren’t sure at first. After I put the boots on, they looked at me and walked around a little funny. However, when we went outside and hit the snow, I can only describe their reaction as pure joy when they realized they could run around with traction and without cold feet. Beau, the male greyhound, wagged his tail the entire walk. I could barely keep up with him. And they look quite cute too! I think the sizes are fine.


Trifus, USA

Jannete writes: Thank you so much for the boots. They fit my dog perfectly and they came just in time for the snow storms. Today New York is getting hit with another foot of snow, so the high waterproof boots are just what my dog needs.

I was so happy to see my dog enjoying the outdoors again that I've told many people about your boots. My dog suffers from arthritis and this is the first year he doesn't want to go out doors. The cold ground, and sometimes wet ground from snow bothers his arthritis. When this happens he picks up his legs to keep them from touching the ground, or a lot of times he falls. The salt to melt the snow also burns the bottom of his paws. Now with the pro-active boots he can run and enjoy the outdoors again.


Charley, USA


Ron writes: We put on the boots and after a few minutes he was ready to go. We live on a rocky hillside. Charley is curious and loves to explore.

Later, Ron adds: we're really loving the boots. Charley has no problem wearing them, and he really doesn't get bothered by them at all. He knows we'll put them on when it's cold. And then he and I (or Shelli, Ben or Jake) can walk relaxed and knowing we are all warm and protected.

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Hercules, Connecticut, USA

Dale writes: They arrived well before Christmas and prior to two snowfalls we've had since placing the order.

We are very pleased with them because they are the first boot EVER to stay on Herckleperckle's feet! Yay!


Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Mitch Ernst needed boots for his dog so that they could walk her in winter weather with its cold, icy, snowy streets.

Mitch writes: "We received the boots on Saturday and absolutely love them. We took our dog out for her first walk in them today and had 4 cars stop and the people inside ask us about them. And that was just in our neighborhood here. We made sure to tell everyone where we got them."


Boru - Labrador - Ontario Canada

Boru wrote himself: "My name is Boru (after Brian Boru) and I am a very active Labrador living near Ottawa, Canada. My people were getting worried about my paws in the extremely cold temperatures up here – lately around -30 Celsius. I have tried many different boots but they never stayed on when I ran on the trails in the deep snow so I had not been getting the exercise I needed. Now that I have your boots, I am able to walk on the road and then get on the trail and run in the deep snow and haven’t lost any of my boots once! My paws are protected from the road salt and sand as well as the extreme cold and stay on in all sorts of conditions.