Prevent skid injuries in agility and flyball and also support weak joints

Flyball and Agility

It is common for dogs to skid when taking obstacles at high speed or when making sudden stops and changes of direction. This can cause damage to the backs of legs and also to stopper pads on the the front paws.

Here comes Chloe!


Joint Support

Some dogs have disabilities that leave their joints weak and floppy. These supports can be used to give support to the joint and assist the dog in walking, as well as making them much more comfortable.



Made from stretch support material identical to that used for human elbow and knee type supports

Leather strip applied to give added traction, support and protection.

Wrap round design with velcro closure

Size and Fitting

Simply measure round your dog's leg at the narrowest point with a soft tape and send us this measurement with your order

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