Leg Protectors and Supports

Carrie, Lurcher, UK
Carrie's owner writes: She was one of 14 put into the pound in Ireland and rescued by Lurcher SOS who don't kennel them but put them with foster homes until a permanent home is found. We adopted Carrie October 2012. She is now nearly 3 and we know she broke her right foot at some point which was not treated so the bones won't bend, however this doesn't stop her chasing squirrels or running with her doggy friends. She wears a support on this leg.


Yuki - Greyhound - Canada

Yuki wears the leg protectors to prevent damage to his stopper pads when he plays


Jet - Golden Retriever/Collie - Yorkshire, UK
Jet's owner writes: I compete in flyball with my dog, Jet. She is a fast collie x golden retriever, and really pushes off the box. I worry about her joints over extending and have tried everything from skid boots to vetrap. I found that, unlike other products I have tried, the leg protectors don't slip down as much (other boots I have had to readjust nearly every race) and really give her support. I race with Leeds 'Owlers, and two of the dogs in our first team (inc. Jet) wear these boots and find them to be excellent.

Zac - Labrador - UK
Zac experienced a torn tendon in his wrist. For six months he had a rigid binding on his leg which he initially wore continually. Following partial healing he used the leg protectors/supports from Pro-Active Paws, which still gave support but gave Zak more freedom and were much easier to apply. He had the support on during the day and it was taken off at bed time. Eventually he was able to dispense with support having recovered.


Jake - Irish Water Spaniel - Scotland

Jake has one front leg which is slightly off-line with the bone into his shoulder. He is an energetic dog and can turn on a small circle but he overextends his front paws - particularly his right one.

His owner writes: As you can see he is enjoying his life now at age 3. We live in Scotland 5 minutes walk from the River Spey (he swims at least 3 times a week) and a short drive to the Moray beaches where he loves to romp.


Ellie - Greyhound - Herts - UK
Her owner writes: Ellie seems to be much more confident running. This picture was taken whilst she was having a breather!


Cocker Spaniel - Yorkshire, UK

Karl Batey's dog was involved in a road traffic accident, almost being killed and unable to use her front leg at all

Karl writes: After approx 2 months of using the protector on her short recovery walks she is back on all fours walking unaided. We have her back 90% with your help which is not bad given the accident was on the 14th Sept and she was almost killed and could not use her front left leg at all. Thanks again we are extremely happy, best £20 we ever spent!

and later he wrote

The leg supports were brilliant and I believe were responsible for getting her back on her feet. THANKS SO MUCH SHE IS 100% AGAIN!!!!!


Red and White Setter - Sussex, UK

Needed support boots for injured ligament. Denise reported that the boots are working well and helping her dog.


Chip - Springer Spaniel - Oxfordshire, UK

Chip is about 14 years old and his paw joints have become weakened and are now bent. Chip's owner bought him our leg supports for his front and back legs.

Chip's owner writes: "The supports have had a really positive effect on Chip. I wouldn’t say he is running round, but his mobility is very much improved and it was a fairly immediate improvement He even went upstairs today and that is the first time in months, so yes they do work very well, many thanks for all your advice and help.


Stacie Farrell - Oregon, USA
I received them last Thursday and I have to tell you....they're GREAT!! I was worried they were a little long, but I cut them down and now they fit perfectly! My dog pulled her ligaments in her front leg and was limping pretty bad, with these leg supports I've noticed a world of difference - thank you!!


Lorraine - Fareham, Hants
Lorraine writes: I have used them and they work brilliantly, I'm so pleased with them. I will be recommending them to other flyballers.


Fleck - Birmingham, UK

Jill writes

We took Fleck and our springer Rio on two quite long walks the weekend.Both Saturday & Sunday she enjoyed the walks without the usual limp.Even when we got home and I removed the support she did not show any signs of weakness


Pepi, Chihauhau - Aberdeen, Scotland


Leslie writes

I have attached a copy of an image of him and the leg supports. What we did was to cut the supports into half, and then trimmed about an 1/8 of an inch off each. They seem to be doing him some good.