Comments from Vets

Dr. Gerald Wells, Veterinary Pathologist, Surrey, UK
In praise of your product I must say that for my bull terrier the Pro-Active Paws Dog Boot has proved ideal in fit, durability and endurance of staying on without requiring readjusting every few minutes. Previously I have tried other brands including: the Mikki boot, Tuff Paws and Polar Paws, all of which fail particularly with respect to staying on (probably because they are too short and do not have enough fastenings. They also wear out more quickly on abrasive surfaces.


Dr. Sicard, Wisconsin, USA

I organized a custom-made boot order for a client. The dog has fully recovered! I was so impressed with your service, I would like to try the boots for my dog. I have recommended and will recommend you to other clients.


Maria Glinsky, Specialist in Animal Physical Therapy, South Carolina, USA

I am specializing in animal physical therapy so I have been able to use your boots on several occasions. I like your boots because of their length. I find that dogs that are numb in their paw, but have a feeling up higher - do well with your boots because it seems that they are able to sense that they are being stimulated in the upper portion of their limb - and then they know that they have to utilize their lower part - I don't have any proof of this - it is an observation which I want to check out with a neurologist.

Your boots are very well made and easy to put on and take off. My clients have all commented positively.